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Talent development

Talent development at CaP

CaP has an essential mission to contribute significantly to talent development and research education at a high international level. At CaP talent development happens through research year, PhD and postdoc. Talented researchers are able to continue their research at CaP and complete a research career. These can be done in parallel with clinical training for doctors and can also be done in an interdisciplinary and cross-faculty cooperation.

Talent development at CaP includes a number of basic elements, including research methodology, project management, fundraising and written and oral communication. At the same time abilities to cooperate and contribute to an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research environment are being developed.


Do you want to try out the talent development at CaP, it begins with an interview and a written presentation of your ideas. Through this talent spotting it will be decided over some months whether there is a basis for further cooperation. After this, CaP seeks through a local and international team work, and in cooperation with for example The Graduate School of Health, to realise and develop the talent.

CaP has a strong focus on developing new responsible and independent researchers that, in the future, can be able to pass on and develop the knowledge, know-how and consultancy that is built at the center. All researchers at CaP are  expected to contribute to a high scientific level for the benefit of the Danish healthcare and also participate actively in the strong international research network that CaP is part of.

Contact: dorthe.nielsen@ph.au.dk