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CaP PhD dissertations

CaP PhD defences


Rikke Aarhus: On time. Anthropological perspectives on early diagnosis and standardized cancer diagnostics


Mathias Rædkjær: Impact of comorbidity and socioeconomic position in prognosis, and use of healthcare services before diagnosis in Danish sarcoma patients 2000-2013


Esben Næser: Diagnosis, clinical assessment and prognosis in patients with non-specific serious symptoms


Jakob Søgaard Juul: Using the faecal immunochemical test in general practice: diagnostic workup of patients with non-alarm symptoms of colorectal cancer


Line Hvidberg: Awareness and beliefs about cancer and barriers to healthcare seeking in the general population.

Bettina Kjær Kristiansen:
Securing follow-up in cervical cancer screening.

Berit Toftegaard:
The impact of a continuing medical education meeting in earlier cancer diagnosis on knowledge, attitude and cancer referral pattern among general practitioners.


Christina Maar Andersen: The association between attachment and delay in the diagnosis of cancer in primary care. 

Louise Mahncke Guldbrandt
: The effect of direct referral for fast CT scan in early lung cander detection in general practice. A clinical, cluster-randomised trial. 

Peter Hjertholm
: Clinical Activity in General Practice and Cancer. 

Mads Lind Ingeman:
 Non-specific symptoms and signs of cancer in general practice ─ access to investigation and diagnostic centres.

Line Flytkjær Jensen:
 Patterns of non-participation in breast cancer screening. 

Henry Jensen:
 Implementation of cancer patient pathways and the association with more timely diagnosis and earlier detection of cancer among incident cancer patients in primary care. 

Camilla Hoffmann Merrild: Parallel lives. Anthropological perspectives on social differences in bodily experiences of sensations and health care seeking practices


Ingen ph.d.-forsvar i 2014.


Thomas Mukai: Using information and communication technology in general practice cancer pathways.


Jette Møller Ahrensberg: Childhood cancer in primary health care – from symptom to treatment.

Mette Bach Larsen:
 Diagnostic delay in cancer patients in the Region of Southern Denmark and the Central Denmark Region.

Christian Nielsen Wulff: 
The Effect of Hospital-Based Case Management in Cancer Care Pathways.


Rikke Sand Andersen: Approaching Patient Delay and Cancer. Anthropological Perspectives on Concepts and Causes. 

Marie Louise Tørring:
 Time from first presentation of symptoms in primary care until diagnosis of cancer: Association with mortality.