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Interdisciplinary Research

Synergy between different methods, theories and practices

The basis for CaP's scientific work is to elucidate the research topics interdisciplinarily and based on different theories and methods. CaP houses a variety of research disciplines who investigate CaP’s key research areas based on their individual perspectives, but also united in selected research projects.

Basically, CaP is based on medical and epidemiological research in order to create changes in clinical practice. This is complemented by solid and weighty research from other areas.

Cooperation with Anthropology

At CaP, there are seniors and PhD students from Anthropology. They constitute an important part of the innovative health anthropological environment at Aarhus University. Hence, CaP cooperates closely with the Department of Culture and Society - Anthropology, including the Center for Cultural Epidemics (EPICENTRE). Scientific staff from CaP help with teaching and consultancy on both graduate, undergraduate and master's level, and are co-organisers of MAF, Medical Anthropology Lecture Series, as well as the editorial work in the interdisciplinary journal, Journal for Research in Disease and Society.

Cooperation with Psychology

At CaP, there are also seniors and PhD students from Psychology. This has created a unique basis for looking at the psychological aspects of the symptoms and cancer diagnosis in relation to both patients and general practitioners as well as the interaction between them. Psychologists from CaP assist with teaching and consultancy, which affects the interface between psychology and medicine, including doctor-patient communication and change processes.

Cooperation with other research areas

CaP engages regularly  in organisational research, sociology and health economics. We have a growing cooperation with philosophy about the ethical aspects of cancer diagnostics. These areas need to be developed further.

CaP has a close relationship with the Dept. of Oncology, the Dept. of Molecular Medicine and Dept. of Radiology at Aarhus University Hospital.