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International cooporation

CaP cooperates with a wide range of institutions and individuals who help to ensure the scientific quality of CaP's research.
Below is a selection of CaP's international collaborators:  

  • The University of Edinburgh, Centre for Population Health Sciences ved professor David Weller & Christine Campbell
  • Durham University, School of Medicine and Health ved professor Greg Rubin
  • University of Bristol, Department of Community Based Medicine, NIHR School for Primary Care Research ved William Hamilton
  • Cardiff University, School of Medicine ved Clinical Senior Lecturer Richard Neal
  • The Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL) ved Lea Jabaaij

The Cancer And Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI)

CaP is part of the international network Ca-PRI, an association of scientists engaged in cancer diagnostics in general practice. Ca-PRI is led by Professor David Weller, University of Edinburgh, and CaP's research leader Peter Vedsted is in the executive board. Ca-PRI holds an annual conference to help strengthen the international cooperation and share scientific results. 

See more on the Ca-PRI website 

Research Methods Consensus Working Group: Early cancer diagnosis in primary care 

Over the years, it has proven difficult to agree on definitions and measurement methods to cover primary cancer processes. Therefore, CaP researchers together with an international group of researchers have developed international standards for terminology and measurement of time intervals during the course from first symptom to treatment of cancer patients.

The interdisciplinary group consisted of the best international researchers within the area. Rikke Sand Andersen, Peter Vedsted and Frede Olesen participated in the group with contribution from the CaP group.

The work was supported financially by Cancer Research UK and by individual research institutions. The group formulated an overall report and several consensus articles. 




The international coorporation ”The International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership”

The International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership (ICBP) is an international project including Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and Denmark. The purpose of the project is to examine how and why the survival of cancer vary across the different countries.

Denmark is involved in four modules that compares the countries with regard to:

Module 1: The relative survival of cancer
Module 2: The population's knowledge and ideas about cancer
Module 3: Diagnostic strategy in general practice
Module 4: Waiting time from first symptom to diagnosis

CaP is involved in Modules 2, 3 and 4. Anette Fischer Pedersen, Line Hvidberg, Peter Vedsted and Christian Wulff are involved in Module 2. In Module 3, Berit Skjødeberg Toftegaard and Peter Vedsted are involved, and in Module 4, Henry Jensen is involved, and Peter Vedsted is Danish leader of the group. 

Overall, The Danish Health Authority is the national partner and CaP is pleased to contribute to this with professional knowledge and scientific expertise.