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Optimisation of primary diagnostic

Studies have shown that the risk of dying from cancer is higher for Danish cancer patients than for cancer patients in other countries. One reason is that Danish cancer patients are at a more serious stage when the diagnosis is made.

Danish cancer patients experience very long delays from first symptom to treatment, which is assumed to be important for the prognosis and to cause negative consequences for patients' psychological well-being and quality of life. This waiting period is often called "delay" and covers the waiting time that can be ascribed to the patient, the doctor or the system.

Therefore, we must focus on the process from symptom to initiation of treatment. Reduction of delay in cancer diagnostics and elimination of very long and inappropriate diagnostic procedures are thus pivotal for CaP’s activities.



The concept of delay can be divided into patient, doctor and system delay.

Patient delay:
The time from where the patient experiences the first symptoms of cancer until he or she contacts the GP.

GP delay:
The time from where the patient contacts the GP for the first time until an active cancer diagnosing begins.

System delay:
The time from where the diagnosis begins until treatment is started. Hence, system delay include waiting time on clinical and other examinations.