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Most common cause of death in Denmark

Each year app. 35,000 Danes are diagnosed with cancer for the first time. Despite the fact that many of them can be cured if the diagnosis is made early, cancer is the most common single cause of death in Denmark. Therefore, cancer is of great importance to a large part of the population and for this reason it is very important that the health services are able to diagnose cancer properly.

Screening plays an important role

The vast majority of cancers are found when we as citizens react to symptoms or sensations by presenting them to our GP, and that this is followed by fast diagnostics to confirm or deny the cancer suspicion. Therefore, screening plays an important role. However, it remains the case that even if we use screening optimally, the maximum of app. 8-10% of cancers are found this way. Hence, CaP deals with this part of early cancer diagnostics.

Do you want to know more?

Do you wish to know more about specific cancer types, treatment or other things, go to the Danish Cancer Society.