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About CaP

Our research

The Danish Cancer Society's Center for Research in Cancer Diagnosis in Primary Care (CaP) was established on the 8th of January 2010, and is among the first in the world of its kind. CaP conducts research in the process from first symptom to treatment for cancer patients.

Our research focus on:

  • Public awareness, understanding and response to signs and symptoms of cancer.
  • General practice’s handling of more or less characteristic symptoms of cancer.
  • Organisational and capacity conditions in health services important to the diagnosis of cancer.


CaP wants to be among the top three European and top five global research centres conducting research in this field. Our core functions are:

  • to be active participants in the international research network,
  • to publish a high number of international peer-reviewed scientific publications,
  • to give insight into patients' symptoms and symptom realisation,
  • to develop and test new diagnostic strategies and methods,
  • to develop and test methods for implementation and monitoring in controlled trials.

Overall, CaP creates high quality knowledge relevant to undergraduate and postgraduate education, as well as for the operational organisation and development of health care.


From 2015-2017, CaP is supported by the Danish Cancer Society with 15 million DKK. A large number of foundations support specific projects and in addition, CaP is involved in several international projects.