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Ph.d.-forsvar på CaP


Rikke Aarhus: On time. Anthropological perspectives on early diagnosis and standardized cancer diagnostics


Mathias Rædkjær: Impact of comorbidity and socioeconomic position in prognosis, and use of healthcare services before diagnosis in Danish sarcoma patients 2000-2013


Esben Næser: Diagnosis, clinical assessment and prognosis in patients with non-specific serious symptoms


Jakob Søgaard Juul: Using the faecal immunochemical test in general practice: diagnostic workup of patients with non-alarm symptoms of colorectal cancer


Line Hvidberg: Awareness and beliefs about cancer and barriers to healthcare seeking in the general population.

Bettina Kjær Kristiansen:
Securing follow-up in cervical cancer screening.

Berit Toftegaard:
The impact of a continuing medical education meeting in earlier cancer diagnosis on knowledge, attitude and cancer referral pattern among general practitioners.


Christina Maar AndersenThe association between attachment and delay in the diagnosis of cancer in primary care. 

Louise Mahncke Guldbrandt
: The effect of direct referral for fast CT scan in early lung cander detection in general practice. A clinical, cluster-randomised trial. 

Peter Hjertholm
Clinical Activity in General Practice and Cancer. 

Mads Lind Ingeman:
 Non-specific symptoms and signs of cancer in general practice ─ access to investigation and diagnostic centres.

Line Flytkjær Jensen:
 Patterns of non-participation in breast cancer screening. 

Henry Jensen:
 Implementation of cancer patient pathways and the association with more timely diagnosis and earlier detection of cancer among incident cancer patients in primary care. 

Camilla Hoffmann Merrild: Parallel lives. Anthropological perspectives on social differences in bodily experiences of sensations and health care seeking practices


Ingen ph.d.-forsvar i 2014.


Thomas Mukai: Using information and communication technology in general practice cancer pathways.


Mette Bach Larsen:
 Diagnostic delay in cancer patients in the Region of Southern Denmark and the Central Denmark Region.

Christian Nielsen Wulff: 
The Effect of Hospital-Based Case Management in Cancer Care Pathways.