The Diagnostic Process

Projects within this research line will describe the clinical presentation of cancer and the predictive value, so that we can describe "the diagnostic funnel" from symptoms to the final cancer diagnosis. We compare this with existing evidence-based standards of diagnostics and provides suggestions for new initiatives and adjustments. Clinical causes of delay and unintended events will be covered, and how these can be eliminated are being worked on.

Jette Ahrensberg

!!Forskningsansvarlig overlæge, Fælles AKUT AfdelingDepartment of Clinical Medicine - Center for Akutforskning
  • Symptomer og udredningsforløb blandt børn og unge med kræft




Rikke Aarhus

PhD StudentDepartment of Clinical Medicine - Diagnostisk Center, Universitetsklinik for Innovative Patientforløb, Silkeborg

Ann Britt Brandi Krog

Project ManagerDepartment of Public Health - Forskningsenheden for Almen Praksis

Linda Aagaard Rasmussen

PhD StudentDepartment of Public Health - Forskningsenheden for Almen Praksis
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  • Register based studies of recurrence cancer and diagnostic activity leading up to diagnosis


At CaP we do research in the course from first presentation of cancer symptoms to initiation of treatment.