Knowledge exchange

CaP has a knowledge dissemination that takes place via the following channels:

  • Scientific publications. Here we make sure to disseminate the latest knowledge in scientific journals. It is endorsed by external reviewers.
  • Scientific lectures and posters. CaP participate actively at congresses with lectures and posters as a way to disseminate the latest knowledge in the field.
  • Professional articles and lectures. Researchers at CaP are committed to continuously communicate in professional articles and lectures. It is in post-graudate education, conferences and via presentations.
  • Education. In the training of doctors, nurses, anthropologists, public health candidates, etc. CaP's researchers are committed to ensure a knowledge-based approach to cancer diagnostics.
  • Public sector consultancy. CaP is constantly involved in the State's, the regions' and the municipalities' efforts to optimize the fight against cancer. Here CaP contribute with the latest knowledge and assembles this into effective strategies for the benefit of the society.
  • Appearance in the press and media. In the wide dissemination of conditions regarding cancer diagnostics, CaP participate in the ongoing information and debate.

 CaP has an extensive national and international collaboration.